Hannon Block Party- Monterey
Hot August Nights 2006
The Singers- T-Daniel, The Diva, The Captain
The Band at the Eldo
Jaime G Drives The Beat
Phantom John, Ron Who's
that guy you're serenading?
HAN Legend Phantom John and
The Captain do the duck walk
Cool Ron & The
Diva selling the
Part of the HAN Crowd, oh no that's Folsom Patty & Lisa!
Hot August Nites 2005
The Band At Harrah's Plaza
The Prince of Soul, T
Daniel drives home        
 a point.
Our 1st New Years Gig
Jamie G keeps the band together    
   with his incredible drumming!
Elko 2003
Where's Ron?
Market Aug 2004 with the troupe of
Moon Goddess Caravan
The Captain & Ron take to playing
off the stage!
Elko 2003- Check out the crowd!
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Peddlers Fair Folsom '06
Autorama 2007
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MS Walk Capitol Steps
Blackhawk 25th
Hot August
Kirk, Reba w/ Gunner & Mathew Nelson
Captain Kirk
& George
The Pants Have a Life To Themselves!
Hot August Nights 2008
Proxy W/ Davey Jones
Reba sings
to Phantom
The Band And Phantom,
A Hot August Nights
The Ultimate 60's Tribute Show
The trio @ Malabar
The River Cats Gig