* Live ceremony music, if desired
     (typically female vocalist and or guitarist)

Separate ceremony PA system, if desired
     (with small microphone so guests can hear vows)

Live "cocktail hour" music before dinner or as
    guests arrive (usually smooth jazz, or softer music)

Complete "Casino Quality" PA  for the full band
     (for the dancing portion of the evening)

Special songs performed upon request
     (e.g., first dances or other special dances; virtually any
      song can be performed if identified in advance)

Wireless microphone for toasts or speeches

Continuous music - You choose the music to play during         
         breaks in live music
     (much like hiring a DJ and a live band)

Master of Ceremonies ("MC") services
     (includes making introductions, announcements, etc.)
Proxy specializes in weddings and special events.  Over the years we have
performed at hundreds of weddings, with each one tailored to suit the unique
and character of the bride and groom - after all, it's your day!   

Proxy's members take the time to listen, carefully evaluate, and plan the
entertainment in advance so you don't have to worry about details on your
FULL SERVICE - not just amazing live dance music.  

In addition to performing fantastic dance music,
Proxy offers a variety of additional services -
at no extra cost!

Proxy offers a full variety of services related to
sound, music, and hosting for a wedding ceremony and
reception - much more than just a live band - and more
options for one reasonable price than our competitors.

We are so confident in our ability to provide unique,
outstanding service and performances, that we
essentially guarantee our clients' satisfaction.
Need someone to marry you?   We have 2 wedding officiants!